Sarah White, writer, translator, artist, educator.

“Sarah White’s wit is exhilarating.
You come out of this set of variations on the Aging Alice theme refreshed, almost happy that you are aging too.” –Ricardo Nirenberg, editor of Offcourse Literary Journal.

Alice Book Cover

And Ages

She had the mirror removed years ago, but has never stopped studying herself. She stares at a fleshy patch upwards of her right knee. It’s a maze of lavender trails that weren’t there a half-hour ago when she woke up…


Out with the mirror. On with the search. What, suddenly, are these inkstains on her thigh?
A deep stream is blocked; new channels have formed…


Frought mirror and broad-bladed barong (made among the Muong men) were bought by a Mr. Hong. Now blade and glass are gone. Amen…

Image of Sarah

Sarah White's poems and translations have appeared in periodicals like The Paris Review, The Cortland Review, Hanging Loose, and Poetry Daily. Her books include Alice Ages and Ages, Cleopatra Haunts the Hudson and The Poem Has Reasons: A Story of Far Love. She lives, writes, and paints in New York City.